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Abhinandan Sharma is a 25 year old independent filmmaker and cinematographer who lives to tell stories about the natural world. His work primarily revolves around our connection to the natural world, wildlife and conservation. He works with both still and moving images to bridge the broken gap between man and nature. 


Abhinandan's connection to the natural world is over a hundred year's old. He's a 4th generation wildlife photographer. His family has practised photography for the last century in a small town called Bharatpur, Rajasthan in India which is also famous for its Bird sanctuary. Being from a family of photographers, Abhinandan understands the power of storytelling and uses his voice for the voiceless to inspire change and conservation. 


After completing his Bachelors degree in Films from the University of Mumbai, Abhinandan has worked on a variety of projects across India, including wildlife films, documentaries, and TVC commercials. He has worked alongside the likes of National Geographic, Vice Asia, Snow Leopard Trust, UNDP, Nature Conservation Foundation, UNICEF, Sony, RoundGlass Sustain, Riverbank Studios and Moon peak films as a director and cinematographer, producing value based and conservation films.


As a trained wildlife cameraman and director of photography, Abhinandan specialises in long lens sequence building, gimbal, 360VR, time-lapse and drone operation. He is accustomed to working in hostile and extreme environments. Recently, he worked as a cinematographer on the acclaimed and a first ever 8K 360VR film on wild Snow Leopards in the Himalayas.


As a photographer, Abhinandan has documented primarily focusing on birds and lesser know species. He has also won a National Geographic Award and is a Nikon Professionals Member. 

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